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Montana Silversmiths

Helping Montana Silversmiths create a superior and memorable B2B retail experience for their clients

The challenge

Montana Silversmiths has always been a client-centered brand. Before they teamed up with IM Digital, their B2B retail experience didn’t reflect their commitment to every customer.

Since they sell most of their products and services through a variety of B2B retail partners, including rural ranch stores and national chains, Montana Silversmiths wanted to offer resellers more than just a catalog and shopping cart.

They needed to create a retail experience that would ensure every B2B customer felt like a VIP.

The brand of the champions since 1973, Montana Silversmiths also needed clear data, total visibility, and insights on market trends and product life cycles so they could continue to please their diverse and ever-evolving market. Could Montana Silversmiths push boundaries and create a frictionless, efficient, and profit-churning B2B client experience, accounting for resellers’ needs with clarity and aplomb?

The solution

  • B2B Magento 2 Commerce
  • Custom Stock Modules
  • Product Builder
  • Custom Integrations
  • Adobe
  • Braintree
  • Klaviyo

IM Digital harnessed the power of B2B Magento 2 Commerce to develop a superior, smooth, and scalable retail experience for the Montanta Silversmiths’ resellers and B2B customers.

In addition to leveraging Magento’s built-in functionality, IM Digitalcreated custom modules, including:

location inventory management

IM Digital ensured that Montana Silversmiths’ sales teams would be able to communicate with resellers remotely, creating a smoother, more effective sales process.

cycle count

Montana Silversmith resellers and sales representatives can now audit and manage available stock at all locations, suggesting quotes and orders based on counted on-hand units. Automating replenishment quotes and orders minimizes the need for in-person visits.

Expanded Quick Order

IM Digital extended Magento’s Quick Order and Admin Order Entry modules so sales reps and customer service teams can scan orders via a barcode. This saves hours of precious time while reducing the potential for careless human errors.

Custom Data Integration

IM Digital developed an intuitive integration platform that allows Montana Silversmiths to sort data by company, customer, order, and product. This allows them to quickly adjust data requirements without hours of manual programming.

The Results

  • 50% Increase in productivity
  • 26% Increase in reseller satisfaction rates
  • 22% Decrease in reseller delivery times

Montana Silversmiths is not only the brand of champions now – they’re leaders in stellar customer service, too. With the help of IM Digital, Montana Silversmiths is now renowned for their world-class service for all B2B clients.

Their customer service and fulfillment teams no longer spend hours deciphering orders. With their improved digital experience, all the data is clear, concise, and consistent, eliminating confusion and error.

All their teams operate from one source of truth, getting crucial data, big-picture visibility, and insights on market trends and product life cycles.From the ranch to the rodeo, Montana Silversmiths shows the world how to think big, bold, and beautiful.

“IM Digital transformed our business to business operations. Using Magento 2 Commerce B2B has been a game-changer for our sales, fulfillment, customer service and marketing teams. We no longer have to put pen to paper or have boots on the ground to achieve our sales metrics and service our end reseller customers.”

- Steve Anderson, Director of IT

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