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IM Digital helps bold brands become big with a combo of technology, strategy, and creativity.

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“IM Digital transformed our business to business operations. Using Magento 2 Commerce B2B has been a game-changer for our sales, fulfillment, customer service and marketing teams. We no longer have to put pen to paper or have boots on the ground to achieve our sales metrics and service our end reseller customers.”

- Steve Anderson, Director of IT
Montana Silversmiths

Disrupting industries.
Dispelling myths.
Distinguishing brands.

Founded in 2011, IM Digital is a full-service e-commerce agency for D2C, B2B, and retail brands ready to become a household name.

We design end-to-end e-commerce solutions that turn strangers into buyers and buyers into fans.

From technical back-end infrastructure to creative storytelling that connects you with your customers, our team develops unique e-commerce solutions to turn today’s dreams into tomorrow’s headlines.

Glass ceilings are usually mirrors. Break free with IM Digital.

Ready to play big?

Meet the movers and shakers behind IM Digital

We’re a diverse team of strategists, developers, and designers who have one thing in common: We want you to be the winner who takes all.
Ali Ahmed
Founder and CEO
Ali founded IM Digital in 2011A Magento Solution Specialist with 10+ years of experience, Ali loves finding solutions to client dilemmas – the thornier, the better. Ali is the odd CEO who actually answers his phone himself, impressing clients with his warmth, approachability, and desire to help.

Ali loves grilled-cheese, fishing, and playing golf and poker. When he’s not working, you can find him…working!
Jeff Cooney
VP of Operations
On the average day, you can find Jeff troubleshooting Operations or HR challenges, improving internal processes, and obsessing over metrics.  A former Director of Software Development, Jeff enjoys playing superhero by helping the development teams and making IM’s operations flow smoothly.

Jeff enjoys chess, photography, and training in Kung Fu. He has one dog, two kids, and multiple Agile certifications.
James Denker
VP of Partnerships
James has been leading business development at firms like IBM, AT&T, DotDigital, and Trustpilot for 12 years. As VP of Partnerships at IM Digital, James aligns IM’s many teams to strategically meet client goals. Reliable, trust-worthy, and independent, James takes ownership for his decisions and enjoys when others do the same.

When he’s not busy with cross-department enablement, you can find James flying planes, cycling, golfing, playing piano or scuba diving.
Anna Wessel
Head of Client Services
Anna has successfully scaled disruptive DTC brands for 10+ years. Nominee  of the 2022 Amazing Women in E-commerce award, Anna ensures that IM Digital delivers a superb customer experience.. Anna loves telling clients, “yes” and watching incremental changes turn into big wins.

When she’s not matching gaps in client teams to IM Digital experts and services, Anna enjoys gardening, being a Mom, and watching Antiques Roadshow.
Igor Ludgero Miura
Senior Software Developer
Igor holds multiple degrees in software, web, and app development. Honest, friendly, and loyal, Igor welcomes new challenges and enjoys guiding IM digital’s developers to best achieve their goals.

Igor is passionate about rock music, video games, and helping others achieve their dreams through education opportunities.
Justin Ragsdale
VP of Business Development
Justin dreams big. He brings his previous experience in Sales and Marketing to help IM Digital (and their clients) achieve unparalleled growth. Justin enjoys tackling new projects, meeting interesting people, and helping companies find their GH (growth hormone). Adventurous, principled, and loyal. 

Justin’s favorite quote is, “You’re not beaten until you admit it”. When he’s not in the office, you can find Justin swimming in the ocean or flying an airplane.
Ivona Namjesnik
VP of Innovation
Ivona specializes in churning out clear, actionable data that helps clients develop superb digital experiences. A former Marketing Director and Head of Creative turned coach, consultant, and advisor, Ivona is fascinated by the psychology that makes humans tick. On a regular day, you can find Ivona researching upcoming trends, creating forecasting analysis, running design sprint workshops, or interviewing target personas.

Curious, fierce, and honest, Ivona is constantly learning and challenges those around her to do the same. She loves reading, baking pies, and McDonald fries.

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We partner with the world’s leading ecommerce platforms to create premier shopping experiences for our clients.

This is how it is Change the script.

Whether you’re selling online for the first time, migrating platforms, or adding complex integrations, IM Digital helps businesses create immersive shopping experiences that keep clients clicking.