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Material Bank

How we helped Material Bank become the world’s leading architecture and design resource supplier

The challenge

Material Bank wanted to create the world’s fastest, most powerful way for architects and designers to search for and sample materials.

The quest? A search tool that could combine lightning-quick speed, perfect imagery results, and comprehensive data, creating an impressively smooth customer experience. They needed a search tool that could incorporate the company’s 25 million product data points and hundreds of thousands of SKUs.

Material Bank also wanted to offer their detail-obsessed architect and designer audience the smoothest delivery and fulfillment experience. Previous attempts at managing stock had not been successful, resulting in more order cancellations and rerouting errors.

Could Material Bank develop an automated order fulfillment platform to make the time-wasting, resource-sucking process of searching for materials simple, quick, and eco-friendly?

The solution

  • UX Strategy and design
  • custom development
  • new order Management tools
  • Expanded merchandising options
  • Adobe

To achieve Material Bank’s ambitious goals while allowing them to launch dynamically changing content across mobile and desktop applications, IM Digital had to reimagine the brand’s entire site search tool, catalog display, and custom display elements.

In addition to leveraging Magento’s built-in functionality, IM Digital also created custom modules for Material Bank, including:

Automated Product Sorting

Merchandising the Material Bank site used to take hours. IM Digital systematically randomized and organized the data, guaranteeing a seamless user experience while equally representing various vendors and manufacturers.

Order Management Regulation

IM Digital’s Order Management Regulator screens all orders to reduce fraud and abuse. Predefined rules minimize inventory exhaustion while allowing for intervention in cases that exceed inventory thresholds.

Additional Product Categories

IM Digital utilized Springbot + custom code to create new product categories. Along with standard product categories like Simple, Configurable, Bundle, and Kit, customers can search based on use cases or third-party manufacturer ratings.

Custom Fulfillment

Through leveraging the power of Made4Net, Locus, and automations, Material Bank can now accept orders based on a realistic inventory model, avoiding fulfillment requests to third-party vendors.

The Results

  • 100% Increase in monthly growth
  • 99.9% Fulfillment guarantee
  • 35% Increase in transaction growth

IM Digital created a cutting-edge, immersive platform, allowing customers to search for and select materials based on customized criteria like use case and availability.

In addition to reinventing the customer experience, IM Digital also succeeded in drastically improving Material Bank’s inventory management systems, allowing them to offer a 99.99% fulfillment guarantee for in-stock products.

Custom fulfillment ensures that designers who order samples by midnight receive a single box containing their entire order by 10:30 a.m. the next day.

Material Bank disrupted the material industry, proving that there is a better, faster, and smarter way to search for samples and materials.Today, Material Bank is the world’s largest architecture and design material resource library. They are the only site where designers can search for and order materials from all leading textile brands – easily.

Screenshot Material Bank site

“IM Digital has helped us personalize and curate a truly individual customer experience while reducing technical debt. The growth we are seeing now wouldn’t be possible without a strong partner like IM Digital.”

- Peter Fain, Chief Operating Officer
Material bank

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