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Give every customer your undivided attention

Personalize every customer interaction on every channel with IM Digital and Teamwork Commerce. Together, we’ll help you give shoppers a streamlined — and highly shoppable — experience online, in-store and everywhere in between.

Technology Partner

It’s time to eliminate fragmented product workflows, disconnected catalogs and the stress of manual data entry.

IM Digitaland Teamwork Commerce help you transform your brand into a lean, mean selling machine.Give your customers the best, most customized retail experience while slashing technical debt, reducing the risk of human error and increasing your operational efficiency.

All of our solutions are future-proof, seamless and designed to scale, allowing you to make every customer feel like they have your brand’s undivided attention — now and in the decades to come.

Marke every customer feel like a VIP

The more streamlined your business, the better you can serve your customers.

Know where your inventory stands at every second to avoid overselling your customers' favorite products.

Keep customers informed of every step of the ordering process, including shipping and delivery dates.

Give customers the choice of online or in-store pickup.

Personalize the shopping experience by sharing data across every POS.

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Partner with IM Digital for end-to-end e-commerce solutions that take you from floundering founder to industry hero.