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Shopify plus: Omnichannel retail simplified

Combining world-class industry and platform expertise, Shopify Plus Partners specialize in solutions for high-growth businesses.

Technology Partner

  • 10,000+ Shopify brands leading the charge
  • 175 Countries
  • 10,977 Peak checkouts per minute across Shopify

When you partner with IM Digital, you join forces with one of the most experienced teams in the industry. Let us help you create a custom eCommerce solution that will make your business faster, leaner, and easier to manage — while reducing risk and increasing customer satisfaction.

Shopify+ feature

Experience the power of a cloud-based, fully-hosted enterprise commerce platform for fast growing merchants

Top B2C Features

Elevating the user experience

Deliver personalized sales and marketing experiences across devices and channels

Driving efficiency through expert integration

Integrate customer data from your ERP or CRM through the Shopify API

Optimized for business

Optimize for conversion with powerful checkout promotions through Shopify Scripts

Flexible customization

Help customers find your products with customizable navigation and onsite search

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Partner with IM Digital for end-to-end e-commerce solutions that take you from floundering founder to industry hero.