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How to Use Personalization to Increase Engagement on Email Marketing

80% of marketers report email marketing as the most effective digital strategy for customer acquisition and retention. Here's why.

Did you know that 80% of marketers report email marketing as the most effective digital strategy for customer acquisition and retention? 

Do you know why?

Because email goes beyond just addressing your customers or prospects by their first name. By using one simple tactic - personalization - email can become a potent tool in your relationship-building suite.

Personalization - the new normal of email marketing

In the light of events experienced in 2020., consumers worldwide feel more inclined to buy online. It is our task to provide them with the most streamlined experience possible. We can no longer display to our clients what we want to sell them. Now we have to present to them what they want to buy instead! This change in outlook may sound obvious but don't forget it is also effective. 

The dated one-size-fits-all solution does not convert well and drives e-commerce businesses to high bounce rates and low ROIs. As a result, emails that look spammy, impersonal, and irrelevant will eventually end up in users' trash or will never be open. This will harm your deliverability and give you a bad reputation that will prevent you from reaching your subscribers' inbox.

Segment often and accordingly

Focus on creating different customer segments based on user demographics, interests, tastes, and preferences to send tailored offers and recommendations. 

You can also create segments of people who, for example, have spent the most in the last six months, and then you can reach out to those "VIP customers" with attractive offers to thank them for their loyalty.

In case you are wondering how you can leverage segmentation to provide personalized solutions, the answer is more straightforward than you think. Ask them! You can create a preference center, ask them to fill out a survey, or even utilize an AI to build their profile. 

Use the power of integration

By integrating your email platform with other subscriber information sources, like your CRM and e-commerce platform, you can build robust profiles that help you deliver highly personalized content. 

Our client, Planet Beauty, increased their form submission rate from 1.5% to 4.4% in the first month with a comprehensive preference center.

Leverage dynamic content

Content that changes creates FOMO. There are multiple possibilities to explore: play with countdowns, product recommendations based on the weather outside or based on the customer profile, and show your customer something he previously browsed or something in the same category in which he already made a purchase.

This is a great strategy not just to show you understand what they want, but to get some additional sales as well.

Another form of personalization that does not require too much effort is to send a reward or a discount on your customers' birthdays or special milestones. Remember, sometimes the simplest tactics are the best tactics, and this one is a great way to show that you care and a great way to win your customers' loyalty.

Oh My Gauze!, our client, has a 10% CTR in their birthday reminder, not offering any incentive, just letting their clientele know how much they care for them and recommending precisely the right items!

A strong landing page 

Don't underestimate the landing page. Personalization that begins in an email should continue to flow to the next destination. Keep the momentum moving forward by building a matching lading page with the most simple funnel possible to the checkout. The entire journey counts to the path of great conversion rates!

And don't forget to test. Test regularly and systematically. Successful marketers make time to test their programs, and they test beyond the subject line. Test headlines and CTA's - make bold changes to see bold results.  

You know your client, and we know you

Email marketing can do amazing things for your business! Book a meeting with our marketing experts to find out how.

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