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Notify brings you updates and insights from the eCommerce ecosystem.

Material Bank wins the Adobe Experience Maker award - “The Disruptor”

Imagination Media is thrilled to announce that our nomination Material Bank was not only a finalist, but also the WINNER of the Adobe Experience Maker Award - The Disruptor! We are proud to partner with Adobe and Material Bank - disrupting the architectural, construction, and design industries!

Material Bank is the largest material marketplace in the world for the architecture and design industry. They connect thousands of design professionals to hundreds of manufacturers with Adobe technology. By utilizing Adobe’s sophisticated functionality, they are able to execute overnight deliveries of samples to customers anywhere in the US, despite global supply chain constraints. Material Bank’s laser focus on sustainability while delivering to over 75,000 active B2B customers monthly is awe inspiring.  

Imagination Media is honored to partner with Material Bank and Adobe on this ground-breaking B2B digital buying experience. The dynamic, personalized user experience consists of over 450 brands, thousands of skus, and a content database with over 27 million unique assets. 100% of Material Bank’s sales come from their dynamic, personalized web experience.

This is collaboration at its best - disrupting the design industry.  

Congratulations Material Bank!

Samples will never be the same.

Material Bank’s case study.

Adobe ReConnections

Team Imagination Media was excited to attend Adobe ReConnections in Chicago earlier this month. There is nothing like seeing our partners in person and hearing first-hand about their new services.

“Adobe ReConnections provided their Commerce partners an opportunity to expand its service offerings across the DX suite. Digital Asset Management a.k.a Adobe Experience Manager, Target, Journey, & Analytics are just a few of the enterprise solutions. We’re proud to be an Adobe partner.”

James Denker, VP of Partnerships

Salesforce Connections

The Imagination Media team was back in Chicago to attend Salesforce Connections in June. Attendance was high and merchants were out in full force. Offering an omnichannel experience that is true to brand was top of mind for many merchants. Gone are the days of marketing for one sale. CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is the overwhelming focus of merchants as we heard repeatedly in the sessions and conversations. Everyone is curious to see what other merchants are having success with and how they can adapt those strategies into their own business.  

“Salesforce Connections proved that brands are serious about investing in their Customer Experience. Foot traffic was at an all-time high, full of motivation, and provided a refreshing trade show that reminds me of 2017-2018 Magento Imagine. Salesforce Order Management has made significant improvements on functionality, while CDP & Tableau are leading the way for prescriptive / predictive analytics.”

James Denker, VP of Partnerships

Shipping needs innovation to keep up with Amazon. Here's why......

Supply chain volatility continues into Q3 of 2022. Bottlenecks in the supply chain continue due to higher costs, low industrial real estate capacity, and on-going labor shortages. Cosmetic giant Revlon is the latest victim. Revlon filed for bankruptcy on June 16, 2022, citing supply chain challenges as a major contributing factor. Failure to adapt quickly, along with logistical issues, limited their ability to fill customers’ orders. Ultimately, this led to the bankruptcy filing.

Strategists say supply chains will eventually normalize. In the meantime, brands need a strategic plan to keep up with companies like Amazon. Amazon has had great success during an unprecedented pandemic. Amazon’s success navigating supply chain issues makes them the example to follow in the retail industry. Technology innovation in data collection, cloud computing, and predictive purchasing helped Amazon stay ahead of their competition.  

Clearly, everyone isn’t Amazon. So, how can technology help you get in front of a shipping crisis in your supply chain?

  • Upgrade your technology / platform to meet your needs.
  • Integrate your systems.
  • Invest in predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Logistically, there is a lot more to it than that. Here are some other ways to avoid shipping issues on your supply chain.

  • Elevate Supply Chain Executives to the C level.
  • Decrease dependency on imported goods with onshore partners.
  • Prioritize the shipment of high-demand products directly from your own warehouse.
  • Increase inventory reserves.
  • Address any potential issues in your own channel to avoid a double delay.
  • Check out Amazon’s Fulfilled by Merchant option (FBM).

In summary, a brand’s openness to adapt and innovate will ultimately make the difference between being like Revlon or like Amazon. Which will you choose?

An Inside Glimpse – Life at Imagination Media

Marta Duque Estrada Maciel is Imagination Media’s Senior Digital Marketing Strategist and she oversees the growing Retention Marketing team. She is strongly committed to providing excellent service to our clients through personalization of their retention marketing.  

“At Imagination Media we not only deliver personalized communication, but we have an in-depth understanding of the audience we are communicating with to provide the most assertive content at the perfect timing. We strongly advocate personalized recommendations are the best way to show customers what they want to see, increasing engagement and hence more conversions.”

Marta Duque Estrada Maciel, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Contact our Retention Marketing team today to see how we can enhance your retention marketing efforts.

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