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Notify: Imagination Media’s eCommerce Update

Notify brings you updates and insights from the eCommerce ecosystem.

Shoptalk 2022:

Shoptalk - the annual event where retail changemakers come together to discuss the future of retail - was in Las Vegas March 27th – 30th this year. The event was a huge success for Imagination Media. We sponsored booth #5100 and we were thrilled to connect with clients, partners, and new faces in person again. With a record-breaking 10,000 attendees and sponsors, Shoptalk proved that live events are back!

“Over the past few years, Imagination Media has grown tremendously and the event was an opportunity to showcase just how far we’ve come. Throughout the week our team met with clients, partners, and investors as we shared our vision for the future of the industry and the innovative solutions we are working on.”

Justin Ragsdale, VP of Sales, Imagination Media  

Imagination Media team at booth #5100 at Shoptalk 2022.

What you need to know from Shoptalk:

At Imagination Media, training and development is critical to our team’s success and our clients’ success. Our team attended many sessions at Shoptalk and we are excited to bring you updates on the latest trends in eCommerce.  

Below are takeaways from two of the leading-edge discussions that happened at Shoptalk.

Succeeding with eCommerce Technology Partners

The “Succeeding with eCommerce Technology Partners” session was led by Laura Kennedy, Senior Lead Analyst with CB Insights, Ethelbert Williams, Head of eCommerce - US Customer Development, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, and Lockie Andrews, CEO, RICH Hair Care.

This session highlighted that few companies today are solving their own ecommerce challenges entirely in-house. High technical costs, a constantly changing environment, and system integration complexity require strong technology partners for your business to deliver the omnichannel shopping and delivery experience your customers expect - all while keeping true to your brand.

So how do you choose the right platform? You need a platform that can deliver from a capability and profitability standpoint.  

These are the key questions you need to ask to successfully choose your eCommerce technology platform:

  • Do they enable merchants of your size?
  • How do they integrate and add value with your current technology stack?
  • Are they familiar with fragmenting eCommerce? (Online marketplaces/platforms, eCommerce merchandising/discovery, virtual shopping tools, infrastructure, digital shopper engagement, etc.)
  • Can they drive fulfillment efficiency?  

Choosing the right platform for your B2B or B2C business can be challenging. As an agnostic agency, Imagination Media can simplify this process for you. We use our extensive experience with the major platforms and our Vendor Selection Program that assists in matching you with the best platform for your business.

Contact an Expert Today

The right technology partner will take the time to understand your vision and implement the integrations to get you to your goal.

“We are lucky we found a partner who is as passionate as we are about pushing the boundaries of what is possible."

Peter Fain, Chief Operating Officer, Material Bank.

Insights on the Major Forces Shaping Retail

The Shoptalk session “Insights on the Major Forces Shaping Retail” discussed the four trends that are changing the game of retail today. It was led by Aaron Cheris, Partner at Bain & Co., Lauren Weiner, Managing Director & Partner at Boston Consulting Group, Lorelei Bergin, VP of Retail Analytics at NeilsenIQ, and HG O’Connell, Assistant Content Director at Shoptalk.

  1. Organization

With resignations at a record high and layoffs at a record low, it is time for companies to embrace The Great Recalibration. This is an opportunity for you to revamp your business for success. How do you do this? Gender parity in pay and all-inclusive representation are two places to start. In the retail industry, women still hold only 1 in 4 leadership roles and 1 in 10 CEO roles at brands/retailers. Looking at qualified women for P&L roles is another place to find talent. 57% of women hold non-P&L roles, which is a requirement for C-level positions.  

  1. Payments

Buy Now, Pay Later continues to accelerate rapidly. 40% of consumers have used or are interested in using Buy Now, Pay Later offers. And of those that have used it, 29% say they would have bought less without the option to pay later.  

Did you know that 24% of buyers abandon their cart when retailers force users to create an account?

Make the process easy and avoid unnecessary friction points.  

  1. Supply Chain

Retailers need a resilient supply chain that enables speed, agility, and visibility.  

Some retailers are tired of dealing with dreaded “supply chain delays” and have decided to take matters into their own hands by buying logistics companies, securing capacity by buying planes or trains, forging partnerships, or moving production.

Or why not elevate your Chief Supply Chain Officer to the executive leadership team?

  1. The Time-Crunched Consumer

With the pandemic finally moving to the rearview mirror, people are rethinking their relationship with time.  

Attention spans haven’t gotten shorter. Demands on our attention increased dramatically.

With more demands on our attention, people are carefully considering where they spend their time and how long they think things should take. Attention is finite and valuable. Online shopping experiences must engage the buyer and seamlessly check them out to warrant a future visit.  

Mark Your Calendar  

Imagination Media is on the road again! We will be attending RICE, the Retail Innovation Conference and Exposition, in Chicago on May 10-12. Industry insiders may remember this event as IRC or RetailX. We look forward to learning the latest trends and gaining valuable industry insights. See you there!

An Inside Glimpse – Life at Imagination Media

Employee highlights

Congratulations to Jeff Cooney, Samantha Santana, Shawn Marcotte and the developer team for completing their Shoptalk Retail Education Certificates.

Congratulations to Ruan Nicolini and Hericles Fernandes for completing their certifications for Segment.

What does that mean?

“Customer data is something I have considered to be very important for a long time. Learning advanced applications of Segment is necessary as data plays an increasingly larger role in ecommerce and in the work we do at Imagination Media.”

Hericles Fernandes, Developer, Imagination Media

Did you know?

Our entire Retention Marketing Team at Imagination Media is product and SMS certified by Klaviyo.

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