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Imagination Media Is Now A Klaviyo Master Gold Partner

Imagination Media is now a Klaviyo Master Gold Partner, bringing email marketing expertise to B2C and B2B brands across industries.

Email marketing is one of the most useful revenue-generating tools every brand should be using. No matter what industry your brand falls under, incorporating email marketing into your communications will help you generate more revenue and increase your customer lifetime value while nurturing valuable relationships with your customers. 

Why Klaviyo?

At Imagination Media, we are motivated by creating results for our clients. Klaviyo's feature-rich email marketing platform helps us to produce those results, regardless of the size of your brand.  

By harnessing the power of Klaviyo's email marketing system, you can tap into integrated email programs that help nurture prospects, create new customers, and establish customer loyalty. Our team of e-commerce experts, designers, marketers, and copywriters work together to support your business growth.

Email Marketing

Here at Imagination Media, we take email marketing to a whole new level. We go beyond simple email blasts and apply data-driven and behavioral-based targeting to generate more relevant, engaging, and better converting campaigns. This software manipulates the information to create many segmented lists. Based on customer behavior on the website or email responses, sellers can send highly-targeted, personalized information. It builds the brand and improves sales.

Flow Development

We use Klaviyo's flow features to guide and nurture your audience into primed buying behavior. Nurture flows provide you with the ability to introduce new visitors to your unique brand story and product offerings. As an official Klaviyo Gold Partner, we harness the synergy between Klaviyo's automation to create personalized automated flows. We regularly A/B test and incrementally optimize the email and flow strategy to enhance the customer experience. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

We can leverage Klaviyo and its email marketing automation functions to improve your stores' conversion rate optimization through a combination of data-driven techniques and advanced analytical tools. We use analytics, heat maps, user testing, and A/B testing as our primary data types to optimize conversion rates.  

Behavioral Targeting 

You can optimize your store's customer engagement by implementing behavioral marketing techniques that can deliver relevant products to the right customers at the right time. By partnering with us, you will have the ability to send triggered emails customized to target customers differently based on past behavior, interests, weather forecast, or location.


Database Growth 

Part of our discovery is diving deep into how you're growing your list and segmenting it. We also look into how you're utilizing your segments in your campaigns and flows. We build, test, and optimize onsite email capture and segmentation for optimal email performance.


Content Development 

Content marketing is vital. Our team of strategists, copywriters, designers, and developers specially creates engaging, conversion-driven email campaign templates tailored to your brand and what resonates with your customers. Our design includes clickable buttons for each option. When someone signs up for your mailing list, you can send them an email, allowing them to choose their own adventure. Yep, it is really that simple.

Here at Imagination Media, we offer guided selling to provide something valuable and unique that cannot be replicated easily - our expertise and advice, service, and proactive customer support. We offer a curated experience in which relevant products and offers are selected or spotlighted based on what aligns explicitly with your brand. By using guided selling, we get to step up as your trusted advisor with a single goal of giving shoppers what they want. 

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?

Reach out to us to learn how we enhance your customer experience with Klaviyo email marketing.

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