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Is Your Site Helping Maximize Consumers’ Precious Time?

Time. It's a precious commodity in America today. Maybe more precious and perhaps scarce than ever before. In addition to the daily time-crunch we all face, there's also the matter of multi-tasking. We all do it. Some of us better than others, sure, but we all do it, pretty much all the time now.

In our always-on, always-in-a-hurry, multi-tasking, mobile-driven world, digital marketers, brands, site owners and online store owners (aka e-tailers) must do a better job than ever before at capturing what little attention today’s consumer can even provide them. What’s more, they must also hold on to that attention – and then convert it into something meaningful and measurable.

It’s not an easy task. Not at all. And more and more data backs up what we all know from our own experience and insight – if you don’t get them fast…well, you’re not likely to get them at all.

Quick. Fast. In a Hurry.

The average American’s average mobile phone usage session is now estimated to last around 5 minutes and 45 seconds. Of that already short time span, half of those users spend less than 3 minutes on websites. That’s it. Three minutes. 180 seconds.

With time being of such essence here, it’s important to do everything and anything in your power to make those three minutes as memorable, enjoyable and even entertaining as possible.

Checkout Better…Check Out.

When they do visit a mobile site, your potential customer will spend a solid amount of time on each step of the “sales funnel” – from product listing page to product display page to shopping cart to checkout.

Want to stand apart from the competition – and help boost your conversion rates? Then make this whole process as painless, smooth and fast as possible. This goes double for the checkout process.

It’s no different from the experience at a traditional physical store, when you think about it. The longer you make your customers wait in line at the checkout counter…the longer your odds of them coming back to see you again will also be.

There is a difference, however. And it’s not one that works in e-tailers’ favor. While a person whose already in line in a store isn’t too likely to just turn around, give up and walk out…the opposite is true online, where things like social stigma (or being hemmed in between other people) don’t exist – and don’t inhibit nor discourage an “abandonment” at all.

In fact, a recent study by payment solution company Splitit concluded that a whopping 87 percent of online shoppers will abandon their online shopping carts if they believe the checkout process is too difficult – while 55 percent said they’d not only abandon their carts, but would never return to that e-tailer site again. Those are big numbers. So their online wait time better be small. Or else.


One thing you can do to help reduce abandonment rates and empower faster checkout processes with your online store is to institute Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs for short.

PWAs will enable online shoppers to add items to their shopping carts faster. Additionally, customers who had added items to their carts can then be sent a cart abandonment web push notification – prompting them to return and finish the transaction.

Using modern web capabilities to deliver app-like experiences, PWAs promise a better experience than either native apps or the mobile web. In fact, PWAs that are especially well built may reach speeds of up to four times faster than other web sites.

Here at Imagination Media, we’ve been in the PWA game from its opening tip. We can create and integrate PWAs that will help you keep your online sales funnel moving and flowing…so you can keep the revenue coming in.

We also offer a wide range of ever-expanding e-commerce development services and solutions. We work closely with you to understand who your target customers are, then help you creatively communicate the essence of your business – using the latest technologies, including PWAs, HTML5, Responsive and more – to properly accommodate any and all devices.

Drop us a line to see how we can create a custom solution just for you. And keep your online customers engaged and intrigued.

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