How To Increase Engagement and Conversion for Your E-Commerce Site

A Strategic Approach to Optimizing Customer Engagement

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As the online retail landscape evolves, business leaders are challenged to engage customers effectively while delivering a consistent and personalized experience. Gone are the days when businesses differentiated themselves by product and efficiency. Distinction today lies in creating a seamless, omnichannel experience across all channels.
This article explains how customer engagement optimization can help businesses enrich customer interactions, optimize their workforces, and improve processes. In doing so, businesses can benefit from increased customer loyalty, enhanced performance and revenue.

1. Reimagine the Customer Journey

Customer journey mapping is a strategic approach that is crucial for optimizing the customer experience. The key to creating value for your business is understanding the needs and preferences of customers, as well as their behavior during the buying journey. The biggest benefit to reimagining the customer journey is simply understanding your customers more. The better you understand their expectations, the more you can tailor the customer experience to their needs.
Product recommendations: Product recommendations are an effective way to personalize your communications while increasing your ROI and customer lifetime value. Through our partnership with Klaviyo, we use a personalized recommendation engine to help you make more relevant product recommendations to your customers.
Personalization using machine learning: Machine learning-based personalization provides a more scalable and accurate way to achieve unique experiences for individual users. Catbird, a jewelry manufacturer, utilized algorithms to deliver one-to-one experiences, in the form of recommendations for products. With a custom integration built by IM Digital we leveraged the power of data to build Catbird a “How You Wear It” module that allows shopping at the product level based on the style and suggestion of others.
Powerful Search and Navigation: Smart AI powered site search is designed to understand each user’s preferences and context. Using the power of AI, we helped Oliver Gal use Salesforce Commerce Cloud Search powered by Einstein to personalize results, create dynamic user engagements, and maintain full control of how shoppers find and buy products they are looking for. This robust search allows customers to find and filter down to exactly what they are looking for.

2. Use Data to Enhance the Customer Experience

Data integration is a critical activity that provides insight to help you make better, smarter decisions that align with your company's strategy. As more brands digitise, data’s role in delighting customers significantly increases. Success depends on one thing: getting all of the right data in the right place.
Here’s how you can use data to enhance the customer experience:
capture – collect the right data to make your campaigns relevant.connect – integrate data internally so that it can be used rightcommunicate – use data to speak to customers in a meaningful way
The future of customer experience lies within data analytics that enables you to capture, connect, and communicate with your customers. It is how we supported Urban Farmer to enhance the customer experience; by using geographic location we were able to provide personalized content and product recommendations based on their proximity to different regional growing zones and the season. This provided Urban Farmer essential tools to improve visualization and analytics, streamline workflows and process, and increase communication and engagement.

3. Engage Customers Outside of the Buying Cycle

The online retail landscape is heavily shaped by consumers who value memorable experiences. Finding ways to engage with your customers in between purchases strengthens their emotional connection to your brand, helping you retain the customers you already have while sustainably growing your business.
Here’s how you can engage your customers outside of the buying cycle:
Loyalty Program: A fully integrated customer loyalty program creates compelling incentives that resonate with customers on an emotional level without the need for discounts. We leveraged a loyalty program for Montana Silversmiths to increase retention, purchase frequency, lifetime customer value, and referrals.
Surprise & Delight: This approach seeks to attract and nurture customers by enhancing interactions with them and offering unexpected rewards. Creative notifications are a powerful way to automate experiences inside Klaviyo, an automated marketing platform, that can delight your customers and elevate your Word of Mouth marketing to the next level.
With IM Digital your business can transform the customer experience by delivering consistent, contextual, and personalized experiences that count. By leveraging these solutions, you focus on delivering customer experiences that drive customer engagement, loyalty—and ultimately—revenue.
  • Optimize your search and navigation to help customers quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Capture the right data, connect it internally and use it to interact with customers in a meaningful way.
  • Authentically engage customers with post-purchase activities.

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