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How to optimize your site for mobile

Capitalize on mobile commerce by optimizing your mobile shopping experience.

The modern marketplace is transforming rapidly, that much is clear. But what exactly is driving these most recent changes, and how can you ensure that you’re not left behind in the digital revolution?

The practice of seamlessly implementing purchase opportunities into organic environments and everyday activities of customers is imperative. The idea is to capture a sale or customer in the moment of discovery of your brand’s product or service, on any platform.

Now, with the explosion of IoT, the opportunity to buy a product conveniently, anywhere, anytime is constant. With the array of available devices on the market, the future of mobile commerce has been revolutionized. Consumers are searching for an omnichannel retail experience and as mobile technology continues to evolve, new exciting capabilities exist to optimize your site for mobile.

Live Commerce: A Trend That Brings Success

With shopping behavior migrating online at a rapid rate, the demand for a more personalized, virtual “in-store” experience is magnified. We are seeing the reimagining of physical stores via digital technology, and an increase in mobile commerce where buying what you want, whenever and however you want is the norm. Live commerce allows consumers to enjoy the brick and mortar experience from the comfort of their own homes—a notable advancement for the retail industry as a whole.

To minimize complexity, live commerce offers a more seamless experience than the typical online store, aggregating various touch points into one platform. It also offers the engagement and human interactions valued by those who prefer brick and mortar shopping. This digital transformation solution will help enterprises enhance their omnichannel presence and has proven itself to be a powerful tool when paired with other digital and traditional strategies.

The power of live commerce is mainly reflected in two ways: attracting traffic and improving conversion rate. The home shopping experience has been digitized via social media, apps, and websites. By providing a real-time feedback loop for buyers, including reviews and recommendations of products, the mobile shopping experience is seamless.

Take Charge and Engage Today’s Mobile Shoppers

As more commerce activity is conducted on mobile devices, it becomes more challenging for businesses to create and deliver engaging experiences. Yet doing so is critical to the future of your business.

Imagination Media provides a range of integrated, on-demand services proven to help overcome these issues and consistently deliver an optimal experience to consumers anywhere, on any device. With Imagination Media’s solutions in place, merchants can supercharge their web and  mobile delivery and conduct business globally – on any device, anywhere.

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