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COVID-19: What happens when a community stands together and other silver linings

COVID-19 brought many changes, some of them incredibly devastating. But, it also showed what it looks like when companies, individuals, and communities team up!

Ever since the instant spread of COVID-19 (or what seems like one!), we hear the bad news.

We hear statistics related to the number of infected or deceased. We listen to statistics about companies closing their doors. Statistics about people getting fired. Losing sleep. Trying to figure out the future.

While there's a lot of those bad things, we wanted to share with you a couple of good ones too. Why? Not to be pushy - to point out they are out there!

Silver linings brought to you by free initiatives, compassionate companies, and massive, open course bases. Read on!

Free Initiatives

There is nothing quite as powerful as a community. Humans want and crave social connections, and while that may be more challenging during these unusual times, it is no reason to run from our ability to create them online - especially if a community pulling together has an admirable goal!

Offline2On gathers 1500+ experts, ranging from developers to marketers, who can get you online and selling - fast. If you are a small business that was hit by a ban on closing retail locations (or you are a bar, restaurant, or another type of a small business that needs an online presence to sustain itself during the pandemic), this initiative has an answer. Set up your website quickly or optimize your current online operations, fulfillment, and shipping by signing up with Offline2On or KeepSmallStrong.

Advice is free, but it is nothing short of useful, insightful, and proof of those-who-can being there for those who, unfortunately, can't (right now).

Compassionate Companies

Many companies decided to give back too!

Collective responsibility didn't bypass the most prominent players, nor it shied away from some smaller influencers. Every contribution is appreciated and valued, no matter how modest it seems from the outside.

While none of this will save the economy as a whole, it proves humanity is capable of collective effort and joint push-and-pulls. We hope the resolution of giving back will continue way beyond the time of crisis.

Here's our top pick of what companies across the globe, some of them our partners, are doing to soothe their customers and local communities.

E-Commerce Pulse

  1. Magento is giving away three months free of Magento Commerce.
  2. PayPal is offering Magento migration loans and is now accepting applications for the Paycheck Protection Program.
  3. Klaviyo keeps a daily pulse on what's happening in the e-commerce world and brings you valuable insights into dealing with COVID-19.

Bonus: Zoom is giving K-12 schools its Videoconferencing Tools For Free.

Outside of the IT world…

  1. The Estée Lauder Companies, reopened its Melville, New York manufacturing facility to produce hand sanitizer for high-need groups and populations, including medical staff.
  2. The clog makers at Crocs announced a daily donation of 10,000 pairs of their signature shoes to healthcare workers on the front lines.
  3. Car manufacturer Ford partnered with industrial manufacturer 3M to produce powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs).

Bonus: Alexander Wang is donating 20% of the net proceeds to the UN COVID-19 Fund.

Online Courses

In case you ever wanted those extra three hours back (you know, the ones you don't have to spend on commuting now) to invest them into your future by learning about economics, financial markets, coding, philosophy, or happiness... Now you can!

  1. Ivy League colleges are making some of their classes available online for free during the COVID-19 situation.
  2. Coursera is doing the same!
  3. Did we mention free Google courses?

Bonus: LinkedIn too!

The point we are trying to make is that people are not focused only on themselves, on profit, on money, on more. Everybody, in their way, with their means, is trying to give back.

Oh, and did we mention there is less traffic, more time for self-reflection, and yeah, (supposedly) dolphins in the Venice canals.

No, things are not perfect. But yes, you have survived every bad day so far. You will survive this one too - and we hope our partners and us can assist in that process!

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