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Adobe Commerce (Magento2) Maintenance

If you’re running Adobe Commerce (also known as Magento2) for your commerce platform, you’re keenly aware of what a powerful tool it can be.

Adobe Commerce allows brands to scale their business without limitations. Hybrid business models, complex catalogs, unique front-end experiences, personalized customer journeys, flexible framework, and best-in-class partnerships open doors for your customers and teams.

But with power, comes great responsibility. Maintenance responsibility. Your Adobe Commerce store needs to be optimized for performance - audited for errors and bugs and checked for outdated features. As we’re looking at a volatile Q4 - and a very quickly changing retail landscape, now is the time to check under the hood.

Imagination Media can help merchants identify the most compatible tools to scale your business. We can provide analysis and recommendations for your unique business needs.

Front-End Performance Profiling for Adobe Commerce

This audit has been design to understand impact of script performance (custom or third party) with a focus on performance metrics that matter most to customer experience. We’ll analyze log files, review your cron jobs and advise on security patches. Think a CRO sprint, with measurable impact and quick wins.

We’ll be able to provide

  • Summary of key performance indicators
  • Analysis of page performance with Google Lighthouse and provide actionable insights for areas of improvements
  • Tips on how to positively move the needs on Largest Contentful Paint, Total Blocking Time, Cumulative Layout Shift
  • Identification of performance bottlenecks - and suggest solutions based on accurate data

Hygiene for Magento2

  • Front end performance profiling
  • Theme structure, 3rd party JS loading
  • Logs Analysis
  • Cron Review
  • Layout, CTA recommendations
  • Configure payment new methods
  • 3rd party extension updates
  • Security patches
  • Understanding load time during peek traffic
  • Throughput – scalable architecture that ensures maintain performance during peak traffic times

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