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Scott's Dental Supply

Taking a bit out of the dental supply industry. Claning up content for healthy engagement.

The challenge

Scott’s Dental Supply had been using Bronto as their ESP. Bronto was sunsetting, so they were in search of a new solution.

They needed a partner who could:
a) assist with generating content and
b) provide expertise on how and when to properly communicate and engage their B2B audience.

IM Digital’s Marketing Retention team was the perfect team for them.

The solution

  • pushengage
  • figma
  • Klaviyo

In order to effectively reach the targeted audience (dental offices), Imagination Media’s Retention Marketing team created a strategic plan that included multiple email automated flows, implementation of text messages, and push notifications.

These initiatives were built from scratch and sent regularly to incentivize customers to make a purchase. The new push notification campaign alone generated $60,000 in the first couple of months.

Automation design flows:

First, we created a template in Klaviyo, using data from eCommerce to define the header and footer links. The template contains blocks that are fully responsive, ADA compliant, and dark mode optimized.

Secondly, we created dynamic content based on user behaviors on the website, browsing history, past purchases, and predictive analytics. This task includes, but is not limited to, the last purchased products, popular items, animated gifs, and personalized letters from the owner.

Finally, we created automated flows to support the customer journey. The flows trigger automatically and consist of a Welcome Series, Browse/Cart Abandonment, Post-purchase, and Replenishment flows, among others.

The Results

  • Increase in monthly growth: from zero to 10% share in revenue from Klaviyo
  • Increase in transactions: 429 transactions from flows
  • Increase in revenue: over $250k in revenue from flows
  • Increase in new users: 1,000 new, engaged users added to the database
  • 410x ROI vs cost of Klaviyo.

Imagination Media’s Retention Marketing team created effective content in the form of automated emails, SMS, and push notifications. The performance is rebuilding their deliverability through the implementation of these campaigns.

The effort behind the results doesn’t entail the technical overhead it did before, nor does it require the constant maintenance from the client’s short bandwidth of time.

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