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The insight you need to increase conversions

Better strategy equals better sales. Get the insight and data you need to boost traffic, lower bounce rates and increase sales.

A better experience for you and your customers

We walk clients through a six-point diagnostics check to uncover opportunities to improve the user experience, make the business more efficient and grow revenue.
Smarter data. Smarter decisions.

Data drives everything we do. We’ll dive deep into your site’s analytics to understand how each page is performing, identify drop-off points and find opportunities to bring more users to the site and increase conversions.

Improve sales by improving the user experience

To understand how shoppers use your site, we’ll replicate the user experience and investigate every step of your sales funnel. This will help us identify the design, layout and usability issues that are holding you back.

Fix speed and security issues

Third-party tools and plug-ins can slow down your site and expose it to risks. We’ll review your website’s code, structural hierarchy and hosting setup to find opportunities for improving speed, security and ease-of-use.

Boost your marketing ROI

Smart marketing is more than just running the occasional sale. We’ll show you how tools like email and content marketing can help your brand reach new customers, build trust and convert more leads to customers.

Automate, integrate and achieve operational efficiency

Let’s make your entire business more efficient. We’ll optimize your backend to avoid siloed processes and identify integrations, including OMS systems, that will make your store more powerful and less manual.

A smart roadmap for growth

At the end of our engagement, you’ll understand exactly what needs to be addressed, what improvements need to be prioritized and how to allocate resources to reduce technical overwhelm and increase conversions.

Disrupt, deliver, delight.

Partner with IM Digital for end-to-end e-commerce solutions that take you from floundering founder to industry hero.