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The Rise of B2B E-commerce

Learn tactics to grow business through digital B2B ecommerce.

B2B e-commerce is booming. Companies who have invested in e-commerce innovation are experiencing explosive growth. Explore insights and learn how to make growth sustainable when you invest in B2B e-commerce.

Our FREE eBook helps you stay ahead of digital changes with insights from BigCommerce.

The advantages of having an e-commerce store for B2B businesses are numerous and the trends are clear. Within this eBook you will learn how B2B businesses can unlock new markets and broaden their appeal based on crucial aspects that can make or break an e-commerce store.

We will identify factors that define the future, understand new B2B buying journeys and how to take B2B to the next level.

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Founded in 2011, IM Digital is a full-service e-commerce agency for D2C, B2B, and retail brands ready to become a household name.

IM Digital helps bold brands become big with a combo of technology, strategy, and creativity.
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