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The Language Everybody Understands: Giving Back

Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied. That's what we believe and how we run our business. No matter the thing at hand - building a unique shopping experience, adressing your business challenges, promoting career opportunities - we believe there's an underlying strength in the collective.

Our philosophy of team power stems from the idea of unique capabilities and talents combined. It was never about what a single person at Imagination Media can do for you, but what our combination of skills and experiences can.

This very naturally overflows into every part of our business. You can say it is one of the reasons why we gladly play our part during Magento contribution days or why we love the idea behind Mobile Optimization Initative. When individuals are given opportunities to shine when contributing to the bigger goal, they do so gladly, boldly and with wonderful results for everyone involved in the process.

Let look at Mobile Optimization Initative as an example.

“The Initiative brings together eCommerce System Integrators (SIs), technology providers, and global eCommerce leaders to help merchants grow revenue on mobile ecommerce platforms. Through the collaboration of Magento, PayPal, and HiConversion, merchants can quickly get started experimenting with mobile optimization solutions.“

The combined power of the initative can increase your mobile eCommerce conversions by as much as 25% RPV*.

RPV = Revenue per Visitor

We were lucky enough to see this kind of return on investment in any area where we invested our focus, wether that meant supporting merchants' growth or growth of our employees and their local communities.

Given the fact we work on three different continents and across several different time zones, it is crucial for us that every single person working within Imagination Media feels respected, connected and important. That means supporting our team members when they are excercising their organizing abilities. Sometimes they are hosting meetups, other times they are charging the lead on issues regarding female entrepreneurship, but every time, we have their back.

One of the best examples of this type of involvment with the local community has arisen lately.

We are delighted that our Denis Spalenza will give a talk on Magento development on June 26th at the IFES. When we asked Denis why he decided to accept the invitation to give the lecture, this was his response:

"I believe it is important to bring Magento to the next generation of developers. It is crucial they are familiar with the platform from the beginning of their development journey and can have it as a career option. In addition, it is an opportunity for us too. After all, those are the future professionals who may end up occupying positions in our company or a company which winds up being our client."

As you can see, the participation isn't only about one side. It is about using your talents in the best way possible and enabling others to use their own talents too. What we strive to do is as simple as this sentence: “ Aim to feel that you are progressing, not to reach perfection.“ We will gladly take you on the road of progress no matter are you a junior developer or a thriving merchant!

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