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Ten years ago, our founder, Ali Ahmed, started with a vision to build a community of eCommerce experts that would shape and influence the way brands digitally represent themselves and engage consumers. Launching as a small bootstrapped firm with a handful of developers, Imagination Media has evolved to meet the needs of global brands and solve their biggest challenges.

Over the years we have re-invented ourselves, conducting business acrobatics to accommodate the shifts in consumer expectations and the rapidly changing technology landscape.  We’ve added partners, launched new services, and have expanded from a software development firm to a world-class, full-service digital agency and systems integrator, now that’s a mouthful.

Throughout our metamorphosis we can look back on a few constants that have remained with us from the beginning, like our unwavering dedication to our clients, partners, and the projects that bring us together.
For our rocket fuel, there’s no secret formula. We simply go out of our way to collaboratively craft goals with our clients and partners and then push each other to achieve results.

We’ve realized, in this pivotal moment during our journey as a business and as a community of eCommerce experts, that what got us here and what will get us to the next step is not necessarily the tech.It’s the people. It’s you, me, and our community of like-minded digital pioneers that endeavor to take the big leap forward, together.

And with that same spirit we are proud to launch our first edition of our monthly newsletter. As part of a new initiative to bring our staff, clients, and partners together to build a stronger community, this monthly communication will bring you important information on the evolution of our ecosystems, learnings and insights from contributors in our community, and updates on our strategic direction and future plans as a company.

As a member of our community, we look forward to hearing your feedback and hope you will be able to contribute to one of our upcoming editions!

-Justin Ragsdale, Vice President of Business Development at Imagination Media

The Power of Customer Success



Businesses have been on the hunt for the holy grail of personalization - a consistent, cross-channel experience that adapts to customer needs and goals in real-time. Described by The New York Times as “the cool-girl jewelry go-to,” our client Catbird creates captivating, custom jewelry tailored to each customer. Imagination Media helped Catbird humanize the digital experience to offer an experience as personalized as their jewelry.

The main goal was to translate their high touch in-store experience to their digital channels through advanced personalization. By breaking down the customer journey, identifying barriers on their consumers path to purchase, and creatively crafting campaigns to help their consumers overcome those hurdles, together, we developed a seamless omnichannel experience for Catbird’s customers.

Through data analysis, consumer profiling, and customer interviews we learned the key reasons for conversion failures like on-site drop off and cart abandonment.  We then cohesively developed customer lifecycle solutions to complement the online experience such as sizing guides, personalized wedding & engagement content, and the ability to engage with jewelry experts in real-time.

Personalizing the digital experience improved on-site conversion rate and customer retention. By reaching customers on an emotional level it engages shoppers, increases repeat purchases, drives sales, and increases conversions.

Check out the full video presentation with Catbird NYC, here.

Mark Your Calendar

Join us at Adobe Experience Makers – Reimagine Commerce

reimagine commerce

Join us for Adobe Experience Makers – Reimagine Commerce on June 29 to hear how consumers and businesses reimagined commerce.

What if you could reimagine commerce through shopping, mobile, checkout, payments, delivery, and end-to-end customer experience?

E-commerce will never be the same. The new normal is still taking shape, and customer expectations will continue to shift in response.

Businesses with genuinely human-centric strategies are finding breakthrough ways to use technology to improve the lives of individual customers. Stitch Fix is one of the fastest growing fashion retailers in the UK. It offers personal style advice for men and women that evolves in line with a customer’s changing tastes, needs and lifestyle. An AI stylist engine helps human stylists curate individualized collections for subscribers.

Understanding and delivering what consumers want, and what they don’t yet know they want, is the next stage of human-centricity. Companies like Stitch Fix are pioneers in data crunching at a micro level to anticipate and influence future needs.

Discover how Imagination Media is reimagining commerce with Adobe Experience Makers.

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You’re in Good Company

A look at our partner: Klaviyo


As personalization matures, more companies are investing heavily in launching full on, high-impact email marketing initiatives. Email marketing is now regarded as an integral component of online marketing campaigns and companies list it among their top strategic priorities.

We know that simplicity enables speed and personalization. That’s why we’re so excited to officially announce our increased partnership with Klaviyo as a Master Platinum Partner. Our latest partnership unlocks new tools that enable you to run a fully automated marketing strategy directly within Klaviyo

Imagination Media’s personalization capabilities allow brands to deliver hyper-relevant email and SMS messages through Klaviyo’s technology based on contextual data from these visitors’ journeys such as session behavior, cart contents and pages visited.

By leveraging internal capabilities and layering high-powered CRM cloud platforms, we help our clients implement, activate, and evolve their customer strategy and execute people-based marketing programs that drive significant growth.

Learn more about our Klaviyo Master Platinum Status.

An Inside Glimpse of Life at Imagination Media

Ivona Namjesnik, Branding Strategist at Imagination Media

ivona namjesnik

Having my boots on the road and being at the company for over three years, I've learned that our clients look for agencies to deliver strategic and significant functions in synchronicity.

When the creative and development strategy comes from different sources, it's not just the cost that goes up; turn-around times increase, the quality diminishes, and inconsistencies creep in.

That's why today, creativity is one of our core offerings.

Not only service-wise, culture-wise too. Keeping creativity at the heart of our business is why I've been here as long as I have and why I looked forward to shifting from focusing on internal marketing to external creative.

It is also why we like to say we are a tech company with one essential product: "stories."

Building out a creative practice within Imagination Media is a logical extension of our ability to write a good story. It is yet another way of helping merchants draw value, this time from brand experience as a service.

We are entrepreneurial in our spirit, accustomed to out-of-the-box thinking, and driven by a belief that branding, done right, produces results at the speed of business.

Instead of continuously struggling to find creatives to work with and trying to fit in David and Goliath-sized boots, we've moved out of boots altogether. We are now enjoying flip-flops as a Boca Raton HQ-ed agency should while spicing up our every day with a healthy dose of clients wary of mediocrity, unpredictability, and inflated agency margins.

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